Fulfillment Solutions

Purchasing Fulfillment Solutions

Computer & Networking Procurement Specialists

Sourcing the right technology solutions to meet the needs of your business often involves engaging with multiple suppliers, managing varying terms of sale, resource intensive research resulting in complex and costly IT procurement processes, inconsistent pricing and differing terms. Why go through all of this when ABM can manage your IT Fulfillment needs for you?

ABM has established:

  • Pricing leverage from long term relationships with Tier One Hardware and Software Vendors;
  • Accreditations and Certifications ensuring the right products with the right support;
  • Best solution value comparison within a portfolio of more than 60,000 different products;
  • Lower deployment project risks with real-time information on inventory, stock quantities and ETAs and;
  • Standardization and best practice benefits using imaging, configuration, support and priority vendor escalation access.

ABM combines our buying power, technology expertise, and vendor relationships with flexible financial models to enable our customers to manage costs and maximize benefits while enabling quick access to emerging technologies needed to facilitate business growth and change.