Project Management Office

Project Management Services & Solutions using our T2V Methodology

Why T2V?

In today’s fast paced, results driven business world, everyone’s time is valuable and the time that elapses to realize that value is crucial. In the world of Project Management, value is derived from effective time, cost and quality management. All projects have to add business value, period. At ABM Integrated Solutions, our Time 2 Value (T2V) methodology focuses on delivering value on time, all the time.

The success of our T2V method is rooted in the systematic application of project and change management methodology, scaled and tailored to ensure project success and value for your business. Once we engage with your team, our T2V methodology is continually optimized throughout the project lifecycle to ensure your project success. Our PMO is led by a Chief Project Officer and supported by a Chief Technology Officer along with highly capable and experienced project and change managers, business analysts, solutions and technical architects. Our project managers are PMP certified. Our change managers are PROSCI © certified. All project and change management activities are coordinated using toolsets that facilitate and optimize the T2V journey. We will take the time to explain and educate your team on the methodology and framework so that together, we can all work shoulder to shoulder to employ T2V methodology to get results, on time, every time.

With T2V, your business will benefit from scalable, cost effective and timely implementations with no surprises; have smoother transition, better engagement and higher adoption rates; earlier benefits realization and higher return on investment.

What makes T2V work?

  1. Understand and focus on the business need. Our approach is simple. The solution must meet the needs of the business and the design of the solution must take the business needs into account throughout the entire process.
  2. Iterative solution modeling and development. Our approach focuses on iterative development. The traditional waterfall approach often defers identification and resolution of major issues until later in the project. We identify design and requirements issues earlier.
  3. Tools and Templates. We have developed a scalable and comprehensive T2V Toolset. The toolset is built on the real world experience of successful projects we have undertaken ourselves and helped others with.
  4. Training & Documentation. Our training and documentation are key to realizing the enduring business value of your project. Role based training and clear documentation throughout the lifecycle of the project is essential. This leads to a better transition and adoption by the client team.
  5. Flexibility. We recognize that some of our clients may want to manage their own projects and may just need some help; while others may want to transfer the management of the entire project life cycle to a trusted partner, like ABM Integrated Solutions. Either way, T2V provides a framework that is flexible enough to ensure you get business value every time.