Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Critical Data and Applications

Naturally, you have insurance for your business in case disaster strikes. But what about your data and applications? Would they be safe if a natural or human-induced disaster hit?


ABM provides Disaster Recovery protection for critical business data and applications hosted in our secure data centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Data recovery is reliable, non-disruptive, and cost-effective. Our server data and off-site backup includes a three tier solution - primary image backup, secondary disk backup and offsite backup to ensure your business can survive any unforeseen circumstance.


A few considerations while choosing a data storage and recovery solution are:

  • What are your recovery objectives (RTO and RPO)
  • Where is your data located and stored (inside Canada)
  • Compliance with privacy laws for personally identifiable client data
  • Business continuity alternates and financial considerations due to downtime


Free your team to focus on your core business and allow us to manage your daily IT operations and support requirements. 

Contact us to schedule an assessment of your IT environment.

What began as an exercise in cost savings and efficiency has grown to a full-fledged partnership with ABM, allowing Fraser and Hoyt to focus on its core business as it evolves over time.

- Tony Pelton, VP, Finance, Fraser & Hoyt